I think it's fun to read lists, and hopefully you do too, because my week has become too difficult to manage in paragraph form!

1. My latest temp job may become perm, if I'm lucky. I've kind of fallen in love with the company, not to mention their delicious free coffee. We shall see.

2. I went to the Maker Faire and bought myself a bunch of treats, including some great papers from Hambly Screenprinting, and my very own Chickenpants from Absolutely Small. I've been coveting one for a while now, and I couldn't be happier. The event was much larger this year, and a little overwhelming, but I like seeing all the creative people doing what they do. It's very inspiring.

3. I got my tax ID number and my California Seller's Permit, which means my business is now legit. So, I have to pay quarterly taxes, but I also get to order wholesale from American Apparel!

4. Peter let me give him a haircut! It turned out great, and now we can use that $15 that would have been miserably spent at Supercuts and buy more of the things we really need, like fabric and hardware.

5. Saw a guy barfing while walking down the street in San Francisco. He didn't pause and bend over like normal barfing people, but just kept on walking as if nothing was happening while a fountain of puke was spewing from him. I find it amazing that I seem to be the one blessed/cursed to see these things. It's as if God is saying, "Oh, so you hate barfing? To the point of phobia? Well, take a look at this!"

6. With my newfound riches compiled after working for a whole entire week, I've been buying a ton of supplies for my Etsy shops. Exciting new things are afoot!

7. I was excited to see that one of the contributors to Poets on Prozac, J.D. Smith, left a comment here! I'll be responding to his essay, "The Desire to Think Clearly," in a future post, but I will say that it, and many of the essays in the book, helped me to feel less alone in my struggle to write. I'll end this post as he ended his essay, with two lines from one of his poems:

It is always time to wake up.
It is always time to dream.


some dude said...

Maker faire! I ordered my mom a craftzine for mother's day since she likes to make jewelry stuff.
I also like to puke while walking (when outside). I think it's my way of denying that it's happening. Thankfully I haven't puked in 10 years. Good luck on getting perm status with free coffee.

Absolutely Small said...

Oooh, best wishes on your temp job! I know how that stuff goes...if they have good coffee, that makes them a keeper! (such a rarity in an office!)
Hope you're enjoying your Chickenpants. ^-^