Most people don't go on vacation to watch movies in someone else's apartment, but I do, and it couldn't bring me more joy. My friend Derek is a wizard who knows exactly what my film appetite is, and has the DVD collection to feed it.

I've been in Portland a few days now, and yesterday alone I consumed three charming films; two Preston Sturges-scripted: The Good Fairy and Christmas in July, and The Smiling Lieutenant, a pre-Code Ernst Lubitsch musical with terrible music and wonderful actors.

I don't want to be that person who spends their whole vacation blogging (I'm watching too many movies for that), so I'll leave you with this delicious radioactive soda that we drank at Kenny and Zuke's. See you in a few days!


Sue said...

It sounds like you're having the perfect Portland vacation! Please give everyone hugs + kisses for me!

Walk in the Woods said...