Day 4: Shit That Don't Stink

I went to Michael's craft store today, and, boy, does that place stink. Like every fake holiday smell you can imagine; a leeetle too cinnamon-appley, or Fir tree-y, or French vanilla-y. The best holiday smells sometimes don't translate well to candles, soaps, or lotions. And since living with a scent-sensitive person, I've had to tone down my potent odors.

But I've found an all-natural, delicious-smelling, inexpensive body care product that I love, and he can stand the smell of. Sappo Hill's Oatmeal Soap. It smells exactly like oatmeal cookies in a totally non-cloying way. I want a bar of this soap tied to my face so I can smell it all the time. Is that weird? You can find it at most natural food stores for under $2.00.

It's also got oatmeal in it, which is a good exfoliant. Don't let its cookie shape fool you, though. It is not delicious. Don't ask me how I know.

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Morrgan said...

Aaand now I can't help but imagine you with soap tied to your face. ;)