It won't last, I promise

My reading style is a little different. It's been this way since I was little. Generally, my first read will be incredibly quick. I'll get the plot and little else. If I like what I saw, I'll read it again. And again. And again. So what begins as a cursory skim ends up being a very thorough read.

Today I was re-reading Birds of America by Lorrie Moore, and found this passage. It describes how I'm feeling of late.

There were moments bristling with deadness, when she looked out at her life and went, "What?" Or worse, feeling interrupted and tired, "Wha--?" It had taken on the shape of a terrible mistake. She hadn't been given the proper tools to make a real life with, she decided, that was it. She'd been given a can of gravy and a hairbrush and told, "There you go." She'd stood there for years, blinking and befuddled, brushing the can with the brush."


derek said...

OMG! I actually feel that way quite often, but then I convince myself that I'm proud of my gravy can covered in hairbrush scratches, and that many people I know have either lost their can, their brush, or never had the nerve to scratch their can when they had them both. This makes me feel better about my situation.

Crystal said...

That is the most perfect thing I have ever read.

Nevis said...

Love your stuff on Etsy! You've got fabulous style!

Suzanne said...

This makes me want to read the book again. xo.