Solid Potato Salad

As an enemy of mayonnaise, I hate potato salad, but I love this video sent to me by a dear, dear reader! Keep watching for some insane acrobatics. I can't even walk and sing at the same time. My recent experimentation with online exercise videos is proving that I'm not so good at moving my arms and my legs at the same time, either.


Jen said...

I think watching this is probably going to be the best thing to happen to me all day! Those acrobatic moves disturb me a bit, though....they have an Exorcist/spider-walk feeling to them...freaky!
I will sing this song to myself whenever eating potato salad...yes, yes, I will...

WowBaby said...

OMG! That is great. I had half of the office sitting here watching it with me trying to decide if it was real!
Love it, and yes I will think of that song next time someone even says Potato salad