Fabulous Friends and Fascinators!

There was a magical time in the early part of the century when I started every day with an apple scone and a cup of Earl Grey with a hint of lavender. I chatted for hours with my dear, dear friend Sue, at the little shop where we worked together. And since no one actually came in to the store, we basically got paid to hang out together every day. We had all the time in the world to come up with big ideas, about crafts and otherwise. I often pine for those bygone times, but both of us had bigger goals than a lifetime of retail.

Sue is charming, beautiful, and hilarious, but these days, she's best known for her super-successful business, Giant Dwarf. Her gorgeous felt creations have garnered the attention of all right people, and there's no one who deserves that attention more. Sue's latest feat is so, so awesome; her Rosette Fascinators are now being sold at Anthropologie. I love you, Suey!

You can buy these lovelies at Anthropologie, or straight from Sue herself, on the website that changed our lives, Etsy. (I'm getting the one pictured, in yellow, of course!)


Sue said...

Thank you so much for this amazing post! I love you, sweet lady!

Jen said...