A Minimalist's Nightmare...My Dream Come True!

Made with Love by Hannah is a clothing/accessory line by the amazing Hannah Kopacz, who has made my lifetime by actually commenting on this very blog! I want to buy everything she makes, and you will too. Her devotion to kitsch is unparalleled, and thanks to Etsy, today we get to peek into her LA home.

I love peeking inside people's houses. If I take a walk at night, I can't help but look into every glowing window I see, ogling interiors and thinking about who decorated them. Some call it nosy, I call it curious. For more dedicated decorating, check out John Waters' home here, and peek in Amy Sedaris' windows for bunnies and taxidermied treats.


Giggly said...

Yay! I love Hannah! That was super fun! I am also curious about what others have in their homes :-)
Just don't peek into my house..LOL, what a mess!!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Seriously! My house is pretty cute, but it's also a filthy mess and contains a lot of metalworking equipment for the gentleman.

hannah said...

i'm a peeker too!