I came home from my visit to my parents' house to discover that Peter had bought me a gigantic box of craft supplies, clearly from someone's deceased grandmother. It included crochet needles of all sizes, tons of beads, felt, vintage hankies, and clothespins. So naturally, I looked up "clothespin dolls." This is the first thing I found.

How can I top this? Is there even any point? My heart is swelling with cute.

The site is all in Japanese and I can't tell if these dollies are still for sale, but check it out. Damn. I mean, damn.


Polly Danger said...

Holy Crap I miss Japan! Those are ridiculous. I especially like the little sailor girl one. You can still buy them in some boutiques! Time for a trip overseas!

Darcy said...

Absolutley cute! Great job at the fair too!