World's Finest Sweater Contest

I know that the fugly sweater meme is pretty much played out; Leslie Hall, et al. But when I came upon these sweaters on a search for "granny style" (part of a future post theme) I couldn't help but post them. I actually like them, in a mostly unironic way, I think (it's so hard to tell anymore...thanks a lot, hipster culture!).
I'm in the mood to mix it up around here. So let's have a contest! Send me comments with links to the most remarkable sweater you can find. I'll post the submissions each day. At the end of next week, we'll vote, and I'll crown a winner, who will receive an appropriate prize.
The sweater you choose doesn't even have to be ugly; it just might have a certain irresistible power. Like Mr. Sun up there.
Let's do this!


Celeste Christie said...

Ok, this didn't take long.
I found this picture of Wil Wheaton (you may remember him as the annoying kid on Star Trek: the Next Generation, that is if you're a nerd) wearing the "clown sweater" on this page:
but after reading the blog post, discovered that this sweater is a "project" and that there's tons more pics of people wearing this EXACT SAME SWEATER at this page:

There's really something about this sweater that cracks me up. I think it's the scale of the face on the front and the hairy sleeves.

Christina said...

Here's quite a looker
-Christina :)

Squidhelmet said...


Not really a sweater, but real nice :)

anna said...

I am failing this contest but I want this: http://tinyurl.com/lzvnbz