How do we keep our heads in this crazy world? Everyone needs a little hobby to bring them joy, whether it's following a sports team, talking extensively about wine, reading old tool catalogs, or collecting Starbucks mugs. It might not mean anything to other people, but these things make us happy in little ways.

That said, once my beloved Blythe doll appeared in my life, and I found myself scrolling through pages and pages of wigs and shoes to buy for her (yes, her), I realized that like Auntie Mame, I've "entered a new phase." If you don't know who Blythe is, here's an informational video.

I love this doll. And I'm not alone. There are kazillions of grown-ups playing with Blythes, which I think is awesome. Why not? Making tiny clothes for her is an activity I love doing! I always wanted to design clothes, and now I have my chance!

Therefore, I present to anyone interested, my new Etsy shop, Dollyannacowgirl. I'll be selling the dresses I make, as well as tiny-sized versions of Pollyannacowgirl jewelry. Hooray!

Also, I look like this now.


Crystal said...

triple squee! cant wait to get something for my Blythe. love you pols!

Lauren Davis said...

Polly, you are so funny!
BTW, I don't have a Blythe doll but your cute little dress store makes me want to get one . . . .