Happy Feet!

Something magical must have been in the air last night, because Peter agreed to take dance lessons with me at 200 Grand next month!

This is kind of scary for both of us. I'm a terrible dancer. It is not one of my many, many, many natural skills. My friend once convinced me to join her at an intermediate level salsa lesson, and I still cringe when I think about it. (Yes, I made it out of the room before I started crying.) Pure torture!

I need about double the amount of practice time to catch up with the average person. And that's frustrating because I like to excel at everything immediately without having to work at it. Doesn't everyone? :)

But I've always wanted to know some traditional dances, as well as some zippy swing moves. And now I have someone to practice with. This video of the foxtrot doesn't look too hard...

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Periodspacecapital said...

Ohhh! Tell me how it goes! I always want to take dance lessons.