I always want to hate most tv shows; they have work pretty darn hard to prove their worth to me. (Sorry, Parks and Recreation.) It even took me a while to warm up to 30 Rock, a show that I love so much it gives me a little tingle, like seeing the boy you had a crush on at, say, community college.

I spent two excellent years at community college, where I met a smorgasboard of freaks and geniuses alike, and honestly, got a better education than at the four-year state school I later attended. Therefore, I was kind of excited to hear about NBC's new show, Community.

The premise is kinda silly; a lawyer who gets caught with a fake degree is forced to back to his local community college, but whatever works to get into the strange dynamics of all 2-year schools. I thought the pilot had potential, and upon watching the second episode today, I am forced to deem this show hilarious! Chevy Chase as the obligatory obnoxious "returning student" is inspired; nobody does pompous ass like he can (I wonder why!). Here's an episode for your judgement.


good medicine said...

i gotta say "community" hooked me with the second episode. i'm pretty sure chevy's spanish class presentation had a lot to do with it! also, "parks and recreation" looks like they are gonna have a much stronger second season!

Christina said...

I haven't watched it yet, thought the previews looked funny!! I also went to community college before the university. :) Fun memories.