A day in the life of a shiftless drifter...

I know I should not be buying anything extraneous these days, especially clothing, especially especially clothing made by people not getting paid enough to make said clothing, but Gap was having an additional 40% off all sale items, which means I got a sweet pair of "inside pants" (read: leggings) for $2.98. Come on! I don't think the sale is over, either. Get your own inside pants!

I'm sure my budget was evened out by last night's homemade lemon curd experiment, which turned out really well after some initial doubt. I used the recipe from last month's Everyday Food. For once, I made a custardy egg-based product without getting gross little egg-white bits throughout, so that was a major feat! I did have to cook the curd twice because it was super-liquidy at first, but now it's just like the store kind--delicious!

I interviewed for a temp job that I will probably get and keep for the rest of the year, not to jinx anything. It'll be good for me to work steadily again, although this month off has been fantabulous. I'll have to do as much sewing as I can before I go back to the grind!

Oh yeah; here's a humorous video about Ghostbusters!


Suzanne said...

I am so super impressed that you made your own lemon curd!!! xo

Periodspacecapital said...

lemon curd! Yum! oh and i had no idea that ghostbusters was a remake. whoa!