You mean I have to pay attention?

I swear, guys, I don't just sit around watching movies all day. Wait. Well. Okay, I do. But I do it simultaneously with a million other activities, including any crafting or sewing. It drives people crazy. They ask, "How can you stand not actually watching the movie?" as I'm usually looking up only occasionally from my work to see the picture. But I can hear all the dialogue just fine, and that's enough entertainment for me.

However, this doesn't work with silent movies, which is what I chose to watch tonight after going through 25 screenfuls of Netflix options. I'd never heard of this one, Aelita, Queen of Mars, and for whatever reason, it was the only thing I could consider spending my time on this evening.

Basically, it's about a bunch of poor folks trying to make it through the days during the Russian Revolution. One of these guys really, really wants to go to Mars, and the best parts of the film are his Martian fantasies. Oh, and did I mention it was the first movie about space travel?

I won't lie to you: it's pretty darn slow, but worth it for the scenes on Mars; the sets and costume design are crizzazy! Get a taste, or watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Earlier today, I made this while "watching" Clueless, an equally enjoyable film that takes a little less scrutiny to comprend.


NinasCD said...

Ugh, I just cannot get into the silent movies, love the old classics with Cary Grant, Bette Davis, James Stewart, etc. now those are great to listen to and not have to watch. Love that doll dress.

Maverick Malone said...

Love that dress :) cool blog! Cant wait until my days are full of just crafting!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Nina, I know...a lot of silent movies are serious snoozers. I recommend a Buster Keaton short; it's non-stop action and crazy stunts! I totally love a good fast-talking Cary Grant movie for "watching." :) Thanks for the comment!

Lauren Davis said...

I hear ya on the silent movies. Love the new doll dress. I have that bike fabric too. It's one of my fave's.