Must Have...Constant Stream of Movies...

Dear Internet,

Can you help me? I'm afraid I've watched all the movies on Netflix Watch Instantly except for Farts of Darkness, Blood Hook, and Bush Doctor. I have so much sewing to do, and I demand adequate entertainments.

If you don't know my taste, I'll have you know that aside from a few solid zingers, I didn't really love To Be or Not to Be, which I watched Friday night. I liked it okay, but I got a bit bored with the antics. It might have been the fault of Jack Benny, who I find obnox, or my too-high expectations of a Lubitsch film, because it certainly wasn't lovely Carole Lombard. She can do no wrong!

I would recommend everyone see this movie because of how totally insane it was to release this balls-out Nazi satire while WWII was still happening. I mean, just over-the-top, a-la-South Park. It's no surprise that people freaked out at the time, not to mention the fact that Lombard died just before it came out. If you want some kooky Hitler humor and already own The Producers, give it a try.

Until advised on further media consumption, I will be watching all of Law & Order SVU Season 10, and that is not good for my delicate sensibilities. Please respond promptly!


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Jen said...

Seriously! I finished all 10 seasons of SVU during feeding sessions with Jess/photo retouching, I think it scared me for life. I refuse go venture into Netflix's "wacky college sex maniac" movies like Van Wilder 5 or American Pie 12. They seem to have a lot of those. Well, at least Bye Bye Birdie made me super happy the other day!!

By the way, I love love LOVE your Madonna Inn adventure series, so beautiful!