I've always wanted to spend the night at the Madonna Inn. Since I learned how to want things, I have wanted this. However, it's hard to justify staying in a hotel in the town you live/lived in, and where your parents still live.

That said, I never promised that I wouldn't accept frivolous gifts in exchange for donating my kidney. My mother has generously set up a magical evening for me in the Romance Room this Saturday night for our two-year "kidney anniversary", and I can't wait.

I'm bringing a whole pile of costumes and props for a photo shoot, if I am still standing after a day of poolside champagne and kitsch overload (if there was such a thing).


Suzanne said...

That's going to be amazing! Have fun! I can't wait to see your pictures. I want to take Ian there one day. You'll have to tell me about it on our future movie date. xo

Giggly said...

How fun! When I was little my aunt was Mr. Madonna's private secretary. We would play in the rooms and open X-Mas gifts with pretty gold and pink paper. She moved on to open her own business in Avila, and I hadn't been there in years, until last year, we took our daughter there for her birthday, now she wants to have her birthday there every year. :)She also has her pink goblet collection started. lol

I can't wait to see the pics from your romantic photo shoot!! Have a blast!!!

Crystal said...

oh wow. wow. those pics should be amazing!

lms said...

polly: i am beside myself with envy. when i still wanted to get married, i SO wanted to get married there...did you know (i think you did, cause i think i learned it from you) that they have a SPA there now?

Jen said...

arrgh can't wait to see!! have a magical time there.

prashant said...

I can't wait to see the pics from your romantic photo shoot!! Have a blast!!!

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