The first hot night of the summer, and it's almost September. Peter and I walked down to Geo. Kaye's for the first time ever. It's a dive bar four blocks from our house that is so much better than the dive bar one block from our house.I had a small beer, and the jukebox had Tina Turner.

I did a craft show yesterday; I will state only that I forgot a chair and was pretty squirmy and cranky all day, but this picture makes me look like I was having the best day of my life, while also appearing slightly chagrined. Which I was. I also airbrushed out the extreme case of adult acne that is exploding all over the lower half of my face and basically ruining everything for me; thank you, Picnik!

It's trash night. People come around to take the cans and bottles out of everyone's bins; sometimes they even have cars. But mostly you can hear shopping carts rattling down the street and the clinking of glass all night. They just got ours. I'm going to call it a night.


Anonymous said...

After reading the article about "cutting your own hair" I was horrified. Do you know there is an industry of professionally trained stylist starving because of people like you! Fortunately for us, some of them come back for help after they made a mess of their hair. By the way, I think I'll try my hand at writing advice columns, ANYONE, could do that job!!!

Suzanne said...

way awesome umbrella, polly! you are so stylish, all the time.