Like a G6

My friend went to see Usher the other night. I've never committed to calling myself a huge hip-hop fan, but I always know the hits , and there is some seriously great stuff out there. I've always really liked Usher, in all his various incarnations over the years, and I was reminded of this video, which has it all as far as I'm concerned. Dance fighting? Check. Bounce house? You bet. Clockwork Orange-style makeup? Indeed. Man, 1997 was such a solid year for hip hop! I know this because when I attended my high school reunion in 2007, they were nice enough to compile a CD of some of the top songs from the year we graduated. I swear, it's the best CD I have!

In other news, I'm pretty obsessed with this song by Far East Movement right now too. The video's nothing to write home about, but if I graduated from high school this year, I think this would totally make it onto the CD.


Crystal said...

That song makes me feel so old! Like a G6 that is.

Suzanne said...

I love Like a G6 too. :-) Pretty photo of you guys in the last post too. xo