Not with a bang, but with a whimper...

Christmas over the topness!, originally uploaded by the custards.

Begins the Polliday Holiday Christmas Blog! I'm sick as a dog, overworked, and pulled in every direction...say, wait a minute! This is nothing new! It happens EVERY Christmas! Sheesh.

My home is currently decorated with wadded-up tissues, dirty dishes, and craft detritus of every variety. Possibly by the end of the week an actual living Christmas tree will get crammed into this little shack for the first time ever, so I've got to shape up and clear a space.

How's your Christmas prep going so far? No judgments here!


Polly Danger said...

Um, RIGHT??!!! How do I forget this holiday chaos EVERY year? I spent one whole day listening to Christmas music and starting ornament-making, and the rest has been shoving piles of projects over to make room for new projects, while reheating frozen food and peeling glue off of my fingers only to find more glue on my nose or in my hair. But somehow I feel so alive!!

I'm also sending healing vitamin C vibes at you- bzeeeew!

Crystal said...

So far, it's not going so well (nothing has been done). But it helps that I'm working Crate & Barrel, so every day at work I am decorating my home in my head! Today I drew a pic of what I want my winter/holiday mantle to look like so as soon as I get paid it's on like donkey kong!