Hello, sweet friends. As I enter my second week of 12-hour days at work, I have those Sunday blues. You know, the ones that start on Saturday night, as the thought pops into your head for the first time that weekend: "I have to go to work again."

Things that help me with this harsh reality: continued fantasies about my freelance career that will include travel to all my favorite places, drinking real lattes, getting cozy with my sweetie (This is how my new therapist refers to my bf: "Well, what does your sweetie think?" Love it.), eating slice after slice of the delicious cinnamon currant bread from the neighborhood French bakery.

So, things are going to be okay. In other news, I got this adorbs stationery set for Christmas, but as with all stationery I own, have angst over using it (not that I have written a letter in years). What do you do with your hoarded pileup of stationery?


Becky said...

I asked my 70-something mom (a number of years ago) if those Sunday blues ever go away. You may not want to know her answer.

I try to purge my piled up stationery from time to time, palm it off on friends, use it every once in a while, and put the very best in an inspiration scrap book.

Wendy said...

I have been using my special cards lately but have written on paper and placed that inside the blank card. I find the card way too nice for me to write on. Crazy ha!