Once a Catholic, Always a....well, wait a sec.

My Pope John Paul and Mother Teresa comic books were two of my very favorite things to pore over as a kid. They were pretty dry and biographical, but that's what I like, so I was happy as a clam. The Mother Teresa one did get pretty grisly with its depictions of Calcutta slums though. I might need to get these again on Ebay!

I guess JP's gonna become a saint in May; it's really interesting what they consider modern miracles. A sick nun claimed she prayed to JP II, and now she's healed. Blam! Miracle! Interesting too that he gets sainthood before Mother Teresa, who actually did way more stuff in life. Fun times!


Suzanne said...

Wow! I did not know that they made such comics!

pavlova8 said...

Wow I had no idea these existed. Hilarious. My father's a great fan of JPII to the point of hardly acknowledging the present guy. The power of charisma and celebrity!
I think its pretty funny too how the becoming a saint is very mechanical and bureaucratic - fill in your forms, get your evidence of two miracles and the authority will assess your application etc- the whole thing's hilarious. We've recently had a saint appointed from Australia - a nun who set up her own order and taught the poor. She'd had one miracle acknowledged for some time then finally they found another one .... still laughing about it - but she did worthwhile things for the poor. And then there's the thing about a saint's corpse not decomposing. Its pure comicbook stuff.