I started Girl Scouts as a Brownie, and ended as a Brownie. It was fun, but I think somehow we were all over it by the time we should have been promoted to Juniors. My main memory of Girl Scouts was going to an overnight jamboree, eating some questionable chili, and having the worst nightmares of my life laying in a sleeping bag in a huge auditorium filled with little girls. Also, once we made Easter baskets from those green strawberry containers. Pretty fun, pretty fun. Was anyone else a Brownie?

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christine said...

Yes, I was. I went into the Juniours and Cadettes. When I was told to give-up my first class rank, and earn it again, in another district, that was when I quit.
I remember lying out under the stars outside, around a big campfire. When I looked up. I saw billions of stars and the Milky Way. I will never forget that sight as long as I live. I want to someday show this to my husband and daughter. It really puts things into perspective.