Jam Jar Fancy

It's common knowledge that jam jars are the best receptacles for anything from craft supplies, wine, candy, and occasionally, actual jam. Bonne Maman are the best, but honestly, we eat like one jar of marmalade every year, and I can't be filling our fridge with spreadable fruits just because I like the jars. (Can I?)

Anyway, I was looking for a bottle of wine at Cost Plus for Peter's "Drunk Orson Welles" themed birthday, and I found this. I didn't buy it (I was swayed by another bottle simply called SWEETBERRY WINE.) but I will next time. What a grand vase the bottle would make!

Please enjoy this video; I like it way more than any of Orson Welles' other works, The Muppet Movie notwithstanding.


Meaghan said...

I've had Jam Jar! It's not too shabby. And like you, I love the label. It's why I bought it...and all wine.

pols said...

Niiice! It kills me when I know that a wine is good but has a boring label; I will often go for the mysterious but cute wines instead. However, I did get burned by the Sweetberry wine, which was way too true to its name.