Heaven Can Wait....Forever!

Oddly enough, I waited a really long time to see this one (Get it? Waited? Like in the title?! Blam.). It wasn't heaven, though; it was just okay. Kind of a stinker, actually. The Lubitsch Touch usually leaves me feeling like a little bit o' charm could conquer the world, but aside from the sassy grampa, I wasn't charmed by any of the characters in this movie. Also, I think I kind of hate the 1890's. While trying to find out if anyone else on the internets felt this way, I found my new favorite film blog, Feminema, written by the kind of lady I aspire to be, which has a great discussion of why Heaven Can Wait is such a drag.

The most exciting thing about this movie is that my friend and genius illustrator Caitlin Kuhwald created the Criterion cover shown above. Isn't it purty?


Feminema said...

So glad to know I wasn't the only one left scratching my head after this film. But have you seen the much more delightful The Good Fairy, made in the mid-1930s or so? Silly and much more endearing, which is what you want in an old movie! (And many thanks for the kind words.)

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Oh, yes! The Good Fairy is pure delight (it didn't even matter that the plot was a bit sparse!) Margaret Sullavan was just so sweet and lovely.