No-Sew Applique Video Tutorial

Squee! I'm really excited to share this video! Shot in the brutally adorable home of the lovely Christina Loff (of Chronicle Books fame and now rocking the lifestyle category at Wikia), I show you how to make the easiest craft ever: no-sew applique.

Some fabric is just too good to make something big out of; what if your favorite part ends up cut in half or isn't perfectly placed in the middle of your purse or pillow? I came up with this project so I could showcase the best parts of great fabric without any distractions. Here's the next fabric that's gonna get this treatment:

Again, the devious minds from Kokka conspire to make my brain explode. Thanks again, Fabricworm.

 I also get to use Fancy Felt from my beloved Sue of Giant Dwarf; there's nothing more exciting than getting an envelope in the mail filled with the prettiest colors. I've written up a set of step-by-step instructions for this project as well, you can find it on Wikia Easy Crafts. Hope you enjoy, and post a comment if you have any questions at all!


Lauren from Crooked Sister said...

Dude! We just got in this fabric at my store and I was like, "OMG! I have to send Polly some!" Do you want some? Let me know. ;)


Awesome tutorial, Polly!!! Amazing fabric, of course, NESTING DOLLS!!!!

I like the part when you secretly tell us you "didn't actually iron" :)

Katy Kristin