Eeep! I had so much fun shooting the next two videos for Wikia Easy Crafts today; above is a sneak peek. I think they're going to be the best ones yet.

I also stopped by General Bead while I was in the city. I love it there; for all its weird smells, roaming animals, and dust, it's just one of my favorite places, and the selection is ridiculous.It's seriously a must-see for any crafty person. The owner is wonderful and a true San Francisco gem. He's a crazy old kook, but so, so nice, and I always really enjoy talking to him. Today they were playing some Buzzcocks in the attic area where all the vintage and new/old stock beads are, and I started singing along. (It's the kind of place where you can totally do that.) We started talking about late 70's pop/punk (we've also had some really nice chats about George W. Bush), and it was awesome! These were the next two songs that came on; right up my alley. Sometimes I forget about music.

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Crystal said...

Amazing. Keep up the great work, it's so great! Can't wait to go to this bead store!