Fancy British People Being Fancy

What baby doesn't want to hear the tale of a saucy gal and a standoffish dude and all their drama? No baby, that's what baby! I found Pride and Prejudice for Babies while browsing at Nathan & Co. after my massage on Wednesday (yes, I am trying to treat myself right after a streak of bad bad days/weeks/months).


I  also stayed up late last night, finally reading the copy of Brideshead Revisited that I found on the street (I'm serious, there are so many good books lining the gutters of Oakland. I don't get it.) I think that this tale of shattered innocence, adultery, and hereditary alcoholism would also make an excellent board book for children. 

I've never read any Evelyn Waugh (only to be said in the poshest of British accents; Eeeevelyn Waaaugh) before and it was pretty addictive. I was not pleased with the ending, but what can you do? Now I get to watch this:

which should not be a problem due to this:


Becky said...

No baby, that's what baby!

Brideshead Revisited, the version you're watching, was hot hot hot in high school. It's Anthony Edwards, tho, that made us crazy with desire (since he was a little more reckless/dangerous). I rewatched it, not too long ago, and it really does hold up. I'm also amazed that I managed to watch every single episode when it first came out, pre-VCRs and endless "encore productions." Hooked on fancy English folk, I was!

Kristy/Kristen said...

oh, Jeremy Irons! Sexy bad or bad sexy--something like that. thanks for the pic just the thing to see at 8:00 am.

Crooked Sister said...

You know what's funny? The woman who did the illustrations for the P&P is my boss's creative person and I've met her! She is actually working on another book for them which will be Wuthering Heights. I personally WH is a little dark for a baby but her illustrations are always really great!