This is where I'll be hawking my wares on Saturday! Come to California College of the Arts' millionth annual Holiday Fair and you'll find some incredible art and lots of funny art students being really art-studenty. It's great. It'll be nice and cold, there will be cider and coffee, there might be homemade tamales, and the CCA Oakland campus is so cozy.

 I like to think that every dollar I make at this show (which I've been doing for the past 6 years!) makes a wee dent into my massive student loan debt incurred by my two lovely years studying at CCA, but really, the earnings will probably go to deep-dish pizza and pipe cleaners (my life is weird). Ever since I started applying to grad schools in the winter of 2004, I considered the MFA experience as giving a really huge gift to myself, equivalent to buying an Escalade. But honestly, it was also an investment that helped give me the confidence that's turned me into a writer that sometimes gets paid the big bucks to write about the things I love. Yay!

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