Portland and back, Part 1

Obviously, I had the best time last weekend in Portland. It was the perfect storm of crafty magic, old and new friends, and Christmas joy! I was there primarily to vend at the absolutely delightful show, Crafty Wonderland, but spent all my other hours in the company of the best people in the world.

My booth! 

My wonderful, wonderful booth neighbors, who could not have been nicer and more welcoming. Some people just radiate warmth and silliness, a combo I can always appreciate, but these people are rare. Janet Julian and Carye Bye, I miss you guys already!

Passed out on the Dr. Kildare pillow assigned to me by my gracious host.

All packed up. Pretty darn proud that I could do this with one suitcase.  

I didn't get out much at the craft fair, but I made it here. The sweet Vanessa of Wanderlust; why do I not live in this tiny palace? Portland makes me kind of crazy because, among other things, it's a bit easier to live your dream without breaking the bank. California is brutal in that regard, but I've made a lot of inroads this year in creating a life that works for me!


Tiny goods made by me.

The talk of the show: I spotted this masterpiece while setting up and had to get a pic of it before the mayhem began. Incredible workmanship, and no, it's not for sale. 

 I got a nasty cold immediately upon my return to California, which is a fun trick my body likes to play whenever a stressful/superfun period of life ends. So I've been chillin' with some Constant Comment and enjoying some much-needed quiet time at home. More Portland adventures to come (including the most epic party of all time. A taste: clown paintings, burl sculptures, and native wisdom!)