Hey! I'm going to this! Mostly so I can hang out at Golf 'n Stuff, the freeway-side mini golf park my parents were often so kind as to take their children on our way to LA. 2012 is all about leaving the house and my comfort zone, and this conference seems ideal! Crystal? Haycox? Anyone? Come with me and we can walk back and forth in a hotel pool!


Becky said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Can't wait, can't wait!!

Becky said...

Dude, this looks pretty good. Thinking of registering for Saturday. I'll keep plenty of playtime open for vous as well.

polly conway said...

Sweeeeeet! Your proximity to Ventura was a main factor in this adventure!

Crystal said...

Aw man. I wish I could but no moneys. Maybe I could join you at night and get smashed and play miniature golf? xoxo

shana said...

i'm seriously considering it. it might be a nice break from portland clouds in march. :)

genevieve said...

Shana, DO IT! That would be so fun! And Crystal, maybe we can get you there for one day. :)

Becky said...

Hi! Just registered for the Saturday part of the conference. Ventura County residents get a sweet discount on registration starting today. Code is ccventura1293001

I want to check out Sunday, but that wasn't an ala carte option, so we'll have to sneak me in, wacky-beatle-fan style!

Oh, PC, I have so much to tell you, Ventura's abursting with craftivity these days.

We get to see each other soon! Yow!


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