I may not have told you that Nancy Sinatra once touched my hand. It was incredible, as many events in 2004 were. I love that her strange career has lasted this long; her Twitter feed is great (she'll totally follow you back!) and she has an XM radio station that I like to listen to when I get to drive my parents' car. Way to stay in touch with the youths, N!

In other news, I'm a little peeved because I'm about two weeks late in finding out that Pulp is playing a single show in San Francisco. It's sold out, of course. They're playing a few more shows, but there's no way I'm going to Coachella (it's bad enough that I might be going to Burning Man this year...don't ask) so I guess I'll just have to wait until Jarvis Cocker serenades me at the gates of heaven. Watch Nancy and Jarvis shred it Sinatra-style on some tv show: