Potato Salad Digressions

I like to pepper my neverending Arrested Development marathon with Kids in the Hall episodes every once in a while. I've been enjoying KITH for over twenty years (which is like, super weird, seeing as I'm only 23. Huh.) and somehow missed out on this sketch until today. 1. I'm a little alarmed at how much Bruce and I look alike. 2. If this lifestyle is supposed to be wrong, I don't ever want to be right.

Once you start collecting old stuff, your vision changes and things that once looked dusty/hideous/ridiculous now appear totally normal. You might even seep some kind of vintage-loving pheromones out your pores. Case in point: at the Piedmont Gardens yearly White Elephant Sale, a woman approached me and said, "I can see what you're into and I just wanted to let you know that there's some kitchen canisters over there you might be interested in." Guess what? She was right.

The canisters in question. I didn't buy them, but you can on Etsy if you want!
In other people that are supposed to be crazy but seem totally normal to me due to my vintage-colored glasses, Bruce's potato salad lady reminds me a lot of Teri Garr's character in After Hours. Never seen it? It's actually a great movie despite having the most hideously designed DVD cover of all time, which I won't deign to place on this blog but is viewable here. In my definitive ranking of the Scorsese oeuvre, After Hours lands somewhere below Taxi Driver but way above The Departed. It's really fun, and, of course, available on Watch Instantly if you have Netflix.

Those pink pillows are lips. LIPS!
 Again, this woman and her apartment are totally normal to me.

In other people who are totally awesome, let's take a moment and honor Teri Garr for being such a solid comedic actress. So hot, so funny, so great.

Yeah, that's a beaded tie.
image from Hell Yeah Sci-Fi Women

This dress is epic! You can get an action figure if you need one.

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