Quilting with Will

 The internets are buzzing about Craft Wars today. I'll watch an episode when I visit my parents next time, just to see what it's all about. Reality shows make me nervous in general, but I do prefer skill-based ones (Project Runway, etc) to Kardashian-style rich-lady drama. Speaking of rich ladies, I never pegged Tori Spelling for a craft lover, but I'm cool with it. Everyone can do crafts!

 Duck Dynasty breaks all my reality show rules by being super-embarassing but totally delightful. I am serious. Watch it now.

Here's a little mid-week treat from the craft comedy archives. If Will Grello had a reality show I would watch it every week. "Cook your own dog?!?!"


Christina said...

I just watched my first episode of Craft Wars today and so far I like it. Mostly I really just want to be on it! As for Duck Dynasty, we LOVE that show at our house! The whole family is just so awesome, especially all the beards....

Robert Dulaney said...

i'm super upset that i can't watch craft wars online. ughhhhh.