For Those Who Think Young

 So I tried to watch Party Monster today; I thought it would be fun to see the club kid fashions now that they're weeks away from becoming fashionable again) and crazy drug-induced antics. However, the acting/pacing/everything else was intolerable! Goodness gracious. Bad, bad, bad. I shut that down about 20 minutes in and searched Netflix Watch Instantly for something more suitable on this lovely Sunday afternoon. I FOUND IT.

"I want a bachelor of art, not a bachelor of bikinis!" Bob Denver teaching Nancy some tantric shiz.

For Those Who Think Young seems to be your average beach party adventure, but it mostly takes place indoors, where a lot of weird hijinks happen. Highlights: there's a part where one guy eats a whole lot of ice cream in an old-school Baskin Robbins, and a different part where you have to watch this other guy's 1964-raunchy stand-up act for like half the movie. Hot chicks, great costumes, lots of those ceramic wall fish and netting, Bob Denver looking like a Mission District hipster, a hirsutey surfing main character named DING, and Nancy Sinatra with dark brown hair! Oh, and Paul Lynde! Lowlights: none. This movie actually has everything, except a reasonable plot. It's so great, you guys, seriously.

Pic by Zombie Normal on Flickr. TINA LOUISE! At the club "Surf's Up," which I would very much like to be a real place.
The below video isn't titled "Bob Denver's Scary Singing Beard" for no reason. Enjoy. If you want better quality, watch the whole movie on Netflix! It's totally delightful and the perfect background movie. Surf's up!

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