Pom Pom Power

Last night I led the Pom Pom Power workshop at Modern Mouse! It was really fun and a nice mellow evening. 

I shook all the carpet moths out of my yarn stash (I'm sorry, we have carpet moths and man, they are assholes!) and brought it along for everyone to use. I'm actually happy to share my supplies, especially when they're not being well-utilized by yours truly. 

There are about a billion pom-pom tutorials on the internets, and they're pretty much all the same. Wrap a bunch of yarn around your fingers, take it off, tie another piece of yarn around it, cut all the loops, and voila! Pom city. This one is really clear if you need a visual!

As usual, people made some really cute things! 

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Bella said...

I had such a fun time making the poms! Thanks!