French General Giveaway!

 When I first saw the French General display in Michaels a few months ago, my little brain exploded! Honestly, it's wildly exciting to spot good design in there sometimes; in a sea of Jesus Loves Me scrapbook pages and Vanilla Cupcake Maple Pumpkin Fandango candles, a great product shines like a beacon. (I love Michaels and go there at least weekly, but dang. )

 It's a cute collection of French vintagey-reproductions of millinery goods, brass charms, and purty ribbons! However, I've had my thrifty pants on lately and haven't been buying myself a lot of prizes, so I left empty-handed.

But, I forgot that I am a very lucky lady; as a world-famous blogger and great American tastemaker, sometimes I get surprises in the mail! I recently got a monstrous box filled with French General products and I could not be happier about it. Scrapbook papers, stickers, charms, ribbons, the whole shebang!

I have to admit that when I first received this box of goodies, I had no idea that French General is a real place! It's a heavenly little pink stucco shop in LA, run and curated by a person with the coolest name in California, Kaari Meng. (I really enjoy extra vowels.) I will definitely be making a visit.

pic from All People Quilt
 However, I do have the next best thing; a giant box filled with French General treats that I'm desperate to share with you! So, I'm doing a lil' giveaway! There's so much stuff that I'll randomly pick TWO winners by Tuesday, 9/16.

 All you have to do is leave a comment here or tweet to moi, @pollymarie, describing what you would do if you were magically whisked away to France for a day. GOOD LUCK!

*Full disclosure: I got this package for free. I'm excited to share it! 


Crystal said...

So awesome! I don't know if I'm eligible for this contest but if I went to France I would spend the day shopping at Colette, eating Pierre Herme macarons and taking cooking classes. Heaven!

Anonymous said...

I would do what I did the last time my boyfriend and I were in Paris - spend all night sitting on the Pont Neuf eating cheese and drinking wine like teenagers!

Azizah said...

This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much!! I've added your blog to my RSS reader as well :)

If I were magically whisked away to France, I'd spend all my time eating as many deliciousamazingincroyable French pastries - mostly croissants - but whatever other incroyable things they have over there!! And cheese. I like cheese.

Thank you so much for the giveaway!

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

Lovely giveaway, Hope it's open to Australians too?

A day in france would be spent in the beautiful Musee d'orsay, real monets, renoirs and Van goghs. It's a feast for the scenes

Lauren said...

I would go to the flea markets, and to the Place de Tokyo to see if Tilda Swinton is walking around. then I would stalk David Lebowitz. oh, and eat everything till i die.

Derek Estes said...

In Paris I would dress beautifully, smoke gaulioses, drink pernod, and charm all of les beaux hommes with my devastating bon mots. I would try to refrain from dying my hair pink, though I can't promise I wouldn't lose my passport. C'est la vie!

Becky said...

Hoo hoo hoo! Yes, I've won before and I'll win again, darnit! If I suddenly teleported to France, I'd march purposefully to the closest patisserie and make l'amour with everything that involves full-fat dairy. I'd also artfully lounge about in public and see if les hommes really do love the lady with a bit more.. experience.. than here. xoxoo!!

Sam Young said...

Bonjour! What a lovely idea, merci! I would spend the day doing stereotypical Parisan things like dressing up, drinking at cafes, reading French writers, eating pastries and then walking around experiencing all the culture has to offer in fashion, food, art and design. And of course take photographs the entire time! Sounds divine!

tamerajane said...

Fantastic giveaway! A day in Paris? A morning in the Jardin Des Plantes, lunch at Le Train Bleu, shopping and ice cream on the Île de la Cité, dinner, wine, and coffee in the Marais! Sigh!

Mollye said...

If I were whisked away to France I'd go back to the goat farm where I worked near Grasse, at La Ferme des Courmettes and kiss every cute little goat face there and make and eat all my favorite cheeses again. France me manque!