Limn & Lovely

And now for something completely different! I'm pleased and proud to announce that yours truly is the resident DIY wedding project-maker over at Limn & Lovely, the prettiest, classiest, most modern wedding blog in the world! 
photo from Limn & Lovely; one of their wedding mood boards!
 I mean, wow! I'm not a wedding person per se, but I can always get behind good design and pretty party planning, you know? Lots of my friends have gotten married in the past few years and the DIY elements of their events were so special to see and get to take home.
 This blog is just gorgeous, and it's a fun challenge for me to put together some things that are out of my usual scope! My first tutorial involves watercolors, toothpicks, and twine. Watercolor is way hot for weddings right now (these are the things I'm learning!) and the project is super easy and fun. I'd be so happy if you checked it out; I'll have a new project up every week and so far the list of upcoming stuff is awesome (neon sea urchin vases on deck!).

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Lauren said...

We're so honored to have you as our resident crafty girl! I'm super excited about your neon sea urchin vases next week! XOXO