"Yeah, I'll take one of those."

Holiday super-pillow fabric front from Atomic Vixen Vintage. It's got all the holidays except Christmas!
 It's time for me to start thinking about Christmas. For reals. I'm excited about it and I want to allow myself adequate time to remain excited before it's all over (less than 100 days!). Did you know that I have a recurring nightmare that I wake up on Christmas Day and haven't done anything Christmassy previous to the big day? Total devastation! I feel like Macaulay Culkin-screaming, but then I wake up and realize it's June/January/etc and I'm just having a classic anxiety dream. (My fellow Christmas-lover Oh Meaghan may be able to add some insight into this situation.)

One of the things I fear most about getting older is that I'll stop being excited about things. I think this is a depression issue too, as there are days when you could put me in a Wes Anderson-Jon Hamm-Santa Claus sandwich and I would just stare blankly out the window. But I just never want to be blase about the good stuff in life, you know? Here's a good example: I was so freaking excited after seeing Rushmore in the theater back in 1998. I bought the soundtrack, the screenplay, everything. Excited! I don't know if I would respond the same way at 33 vs. 18. I don't even go to movies anymore. I want to work on that. I mean, come on:
I don't want my Christmas nightmare to be realized! Thusly, I just ordered a bunsload of Christmas crafting supplies from Meyer Imports, which is a place you should spend some time if you like to be excited.

pic from Craft Critique
Are there things that you forget to get excited about? How do you bring back that magic feeling?

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