I Made a Cake of Jeff Goldblum's Back from THE FLY.

 Last year I had a small Halloween gathering because I had an idea that I wanted to bring to fruition. My favorite horror scene of all time is in The Fly when Geena Davis discovers wiry hairs on Jeff Goldblum's back (I also like the scene when all his teeth fall out!). It's disgusting and hilarious and everything I love about that movie. I also thought that it would make a really great cake. 

 So I made a cake, and I had some people over to eat it and watch The Fly.

It was just a chocolate sheet cake with black licorice hairs and a white frosting with a little raspberry puree for color. Easy! I cut off some edges to make shoulders and a neck, and surrounded the whole thing with donuts, marshmallows, and also served candy bars as they are the fly's foods of choice, in lieu of straight-up sugar. 

I'm posting all of this today because I just spaced out last year and didn't get around to it until way after Halloween. Just pretend I made it today. That's the magic of the Internet!

 I also served a delicious cocktail. If you recall, the Fly can't eat anything without barfing gross white stuff onto it first, so I made a coconutty concoction to help with digestion. 

It was an awesome party; we all drank way too much digestion enzyme and ended up watching The Fly II, which is an abomination against film and all that is good in this world. Don't make that mistake; watch the original The Fly instead. Help meeeeeee! Help meeeeeeee! Help meeeeee!

I also made some signage for the house. 

I couldn't find the back hair discovery scene, but the trailer does show and discuss the hairs in question.  Happy Halloween!

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Derek Estes said...

I'm so sad I missed this. As you know, this movie is kind of a big deal with me.