Kidneyversary V

Best Mom card by Laura George on Etsy
 This week marks the five-year anniversary of my kidney donation to my mom. Yeah, it's a Kidneyversary. I was lucky enough to get to see both my parents on Sunday to celebrate and then use the fitness room at the Best Western where they stayed.  My mom gave me the most gorgeous garland that she made herself and I want to hang it everywhere at once. I can't believe it's been five years, and I'm so glad it's been five years. I love you, Mama!

As I've said before, being a donor was the biggest thing I've ever done emotionally, but it was physically not that hard. I swear, I am not minimizing this so that you will think I am tough or cool. Recovery was two weeks tops, and I continue to party like the aging rockstar that I am* with no consequences at all except for three sweet scars.

Click here to learn more about what it means to be a living donor and how you, if you want to, can change a life and live like a boss with your one kidney. 

 *partying like an aging rockstar includes imbibing half a beer and then passing out on the couch while ST: TNG is on. Just so you know.

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