CATS ART with Bob Motown

drawing and photo by Bob Motown

Bob Motown loves cats. I love cats. I love Bob Motown. I used to see him at craft shows all the time as part of Two Rabbits Studio (who I also love), but now he lives in London so I have to find his work on the internets. His artwork focuses on the most important things in life, "Kitties, Long walks on the streets, Gangster Rap, SWAG, Dollars, Diamonds, Treasure, Blood, Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas and Tortas." 

This is my new favorite gif, obviously.

doodle and photo by Bob Motown
I'm not a great artist but I do love to doodle, and I love seeing other people's doodles. Especially the ones they think are no good or silly. Bob sez, "I have always had a fascination with doodling. My Grandfather constantly used to tell me to make at least one drawing a day, and I have tried to do just that!" Nice.

photo by Polly from Instagram
One of his stickers even made it into my hood! He's currently doing a special promotion, "Build Your Own Tacocat," which you should probably consider.

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