Movin' & Shakin'

 Because I'm terrible at sharing news in any kind of timely manner, I'll take this moment in January to say that in October, I became the newest writer for Craft Test Dummies, a super-comprehensive and amazing website that reviews the latest and greatest in craft products. Getting packages of crafty treats to review is certainly not helping my supply hoarding problem, but testing the stuff I get has helped me to branch out and use media I'd never considered before. I love it!

And dig this: along with the rest of the CTD team, I get to attend the Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show in LA this weekend! It's going to be awesome. I'm excited to see old crafty friends, make new ones, and hopefully get my hands on some sweet swag! 

I'm also looking forward to eating (food in another city is always magical, even if it's Taco Bell) and petting Strudes.

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Hobocamp Crafts said...

yay that sounds awesome! you know we still have the adorable patchwork hanging mini quilt up in Hazel's room as well as the beautiful owl bank. you are such a wonderfully talented lady- going to check out that site- congrats!