The world just became a little better...Amy Sedaris Fabric

photo by Windham Fabrics
You know when something excellent happens, and religious folks nod their heads wisely and say, "God is good." This is one of those times. Windham Fabrics has just released a fabric line designed by the best woman on this earth, Amy Sedaris. Aside from being hilarious, subversive, and filthy, Amy is a singular example of aging awesomely and gracefully without giving up any of her insane qualities, and she only gets more beautiful (and crazy!) as time goes on.

 Look at this fabric. Just look at it!

Amy's craft room. NICE AND CHAOTIC!
Needless to say, I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff. What will I make? Allow me to quote the texting dictionary my mom gave her BFF for Christmas: DKDC. (Don't know, don't care!) All I know is that I must have a yard of everything. It's supposed to hit stores any day now, so keep an eye out! PS. Here's a lovely story from my friend Sue about meeting Amy and giving her a handmade hat (I happen to have the same one! Twinsies!)


Robert Dulaney said...

i love her (and this fabric)!!!1 she really gets it.

Jana said...

DKDC ... that's the best! I pretty much buy all of my fabric based on that philosophy.

polly conway said...

Jana! Isn't that funny?! It was our basic response to everything this Christmas: "What are you doing tomorrow?" DKDC. When I buy fabric that is not for any purpose, I pretend that I'm going to become an amazing quilter in like 10 years and it'll all get used.

Astrid said...

I almost just fell off my chair in my own chaotic craft room with excitement. I mean, Amy Sedaris fabric? Life did just get a bit better.

polly conway said...

I know, right?! It's like all my kitschy dreams came true. Astrid, I just looked at your Etsy shop and your work is AMAZING! I want everything.