Crafternoon for a Cause

While I spend most of my time here in front of the computer listening to my cat snore (is this normal?! she snores so loudly!), I sometimes leave the house for very good reasons. This Sunday I'll be in Alameda leading the new and improved Modern Mouse Crafternoon! For the past two years, I've been teaching monthly craft projects, but in 2013, we're changing it up for the greater good and throwing charity into the mix. I'm very excited about making these blankets for Project Linus as my own security blanket, Benny (I called it BENNY. That's right, Benny.) as a kid was a huge comfort to me. Project Linus gives blankets to kids who need them. So, RSVP here and I hope to see you there!

AND, if you come, you'll also get to see Modern Mouse's sweet new space! It's sunnier, sparklier, and more spacious than the old location, and the crew has done a gorgeous job of making all the merchandise shine.

I made the banner and the heart necklaces on the right!
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The Pollyannacowgirl corner at Modern Mouse!
A contemporary of my Benny.
  P.S. My Benny had a satin binding that I would rub between my fingers while sucking my thumb. I will never forget the feeling. If that isn't comfort, I don't know what is.

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