Straight Stitch Society Apple Sewing Kit as Made by Bucktooth Mama

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pic by Bucktooth Mama

I love Instagram. There, I said it. I love Instagram because it's the only social network that feels truly social to me. For whatever reason, I've found a great group of new innernette friends there and I'm stoked about it. One of my new buds Melissa, aka Bucktooth Mama, posted this darling project. It's an apple-shaped sewing kit from Straight Stitch Society, a new pattern line from Liesl Gibson. Melissa is an incredible seamstress and sassy lady who's always making cute stuff for her lovely daughters. She's also not your average Salt Lake City mommyblogger--just read this to find out why.

pollyannacowgirl, firefly express, liesl gibson, oliver & s, straight stitch society, sewing, pattern, fabric
Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case pattern/pic from Straight Stitch Society

All the other Straight Stitch Society patterns are tiny and adorable, and although they're a little challenging for my beginning skill set (zippers? noooo!), I want to try 'em all! How cute would these phone cases be for summer? Answer: very cute.

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Jennifer Smith said...

Cute! There is a class at Craftcation that's zippers and buttons. I too am afraid of zippers, but I think I'll do that class to help get over my fear. :)