Deer Girl Doll Pattern by Noia Land on Etsy
 EVERYONE! Since I haven't updated in forever, I think I'm going to call this an official break. I'm working on a million things (including a full-time job that's taking up a lot of my valuable "sitting around time), feeling great, and reassessing what the heck I'm doing. Future plans include migrating this darn blog over to Wordpress, where it'll look a lot prettier and I can do more of the things I want to do, like tutorials and contests! If you are desperate to follow my day-to-day activities, I post on Instagram about a hundred times a day. Follow me there, and don't fret--I'm coming back to blogging SOON.

I'll leave you with this incredible pose doll pattern by Noia Land.


B-glowing coupon code said...

Very beautiful, good luck.

Danille Kirby said...

Excellent, i love the little squirell.
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Anonymous said...

Wow I love this picture! The doll is so cute, and the puppet, and the squirrel, and the bench.. mostly because I love miniature things.