I love reading it when other people do this, so we will see if I love doing it. Ladies and gentlemen, the first and only "100 Things About Me!"

1. I have a love/hate relationship with naps.
2. I used to never wear sandals because I hated my feet.
3. I now know that I have very cute feet.
4. I do not own any clothes that require ironing.
5. I have a degree in Theatre Performance.
6. Molly is the only dog I ever loved.
7. I would prefer almost any other ice cream to chocolate.
8. My computer has a terrible virus that I am too lazy to get rid of.
9. My arms are exceptionally hairy.
10. So are my feet.
11. I own tons of costume jewelery.
12. In one month, I will be giving away all my furniture, leaving my comfortable
life, and moving back in with my parents.
13. I always vowed I would never move back in with my parents under any
14. That was before I understood more about circumstances.
15. I am still in love with San Francisco.
16. Two of my favorite reading materials as a child were my Mother Teresa and Pope
John Paul II comic books.
17. Pope John Paul II used to be an actor. (This isn't really about me, but I'm not
far from saying "I used to be an actor.")
18. I like anchovies.
19. No one I know well has died yet.
20. I have blacked out from drinking three times.
21. I didn't take a drink until I was 20.
22. All phone conversations with my best girlfriends end with "I love you."
23. I don't think it's weird to tell your friends how much you love them.
24. I eat Taco Bell once a month.
25. Becoming famous is one of my lifelong fantasies.
26. I am coming closer to accepting my fate as a teacher.
27. I have taken my shirt off on stage twice.
28. My hands are small and childlike.
29. My family is very important to me.
30. I am afraid of bees.
31. Gene Kelly is my most longstanding celebrity crush.
32. I am a gossip.
33. Sometimes I have the urge to pray, and I wish I could.
34. I once drove into a deer.
35. I have driven drunk too many times.
36. I am extremely shy by nature.
37. I tend to be attracted to unavailable men.
38. I would very much like to have a healthy and long relationship with a man in the
near future.
39. Green is my favorite color.
40. I feel a little relieved not to be blonde anymore.
41. I am afraid I won't get into grad school.
42. I am a hypochondriac, but it's been at least a year since I have self-diagnosed
43. I am jealous of those who are able to self-promote.
44. I was afraid of my grandmother when she was dying of Alzheimer's.
45. I have dreamt about her constantly ever since.
46. I studied trapeze for a year.
47. Sometimes I still want to go to what everyone calls "circus school."
48. I make an excellent clown. Of the sad variety, of course.
49. Anti-depressants have changed my life so much, I would do one of those
testimonial commercials.
50. My mother is one of the funniest people I know.
51. I say "Hello," "Thank you," and "Bye-bye" to hundreds of people a day.
52. I have an incredible memory.
53. I have never really smoked a cigarette, or pot. I don't like the inhaling
54. If I had to do a drug, it would be mushrooms.
55. I went to Catholic school until 8th grade.
56. My two best friends from there are still two of my best friends.
57. I haven't bought a single CD this year.
58. I learned to read when I was three.
59. I haven't stopped reading since.
60. I have a newfound love for zombie movies.
61. My mom let me stay home from school when I was suffering from my first broken
62. I hate the term, but I am definitely a "fag hag."
63. I am fashion-forward. I need to start capitalizing on this soon.
64. I don't want to read "Fast Food Nation," because I want to keep eating fast food.
65. When I was ten, my dad had to gently tell me to stop reading all the romance
novels out of my grandmother's pool room. He did not mention staying away from
the jets in the hot tub.
66. If you lend me anything, don't expect to get it back in a timely manner. I am
trying to do better with this.
67. I am bored to tears by almost all sports.
68. I would like to write a scholarly article on Steve Martin's use of mysticism in
his films, novels, and plays.
69. I talk to my little brother almost every day.
70. Comedy is very important to me.
71. This Thanksgiving will be the first I haven't spent with my family.
72. I love crafts.
73. I don't like milk.
74. I have kept a journal almost every day since I was 14.
75. I am still pretty naive about a lot of things.
76. I will admit to picking my nose from time to time.
77. I'm still figuring out the difference between "loving" and "being in love."
78. I find that crying is best done in the car or on the bathroom floor.
79. I have performed in public at least once every year since I was 13.
80. I have always been wildly independent.
81. I have been to Stonehenge.
82. In the movie of my life, Drew Barrymore would play me. I just wish she was a
better actress.
83. I didn't like the film version of "Lolita."
84. Once I received a large hunk of Parmesan cheese for Christmas, along with a
grater. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever gotten.
85. I repeatedly took a class called "Singing for Self-Expression" in college.
86. I am a Cancer. Whatever that means.
87. Gilda Radner is my comedy idol.
88. I think I could be a flight attendant. I would like to see the world.
89. I provide excellent customer service. I even impress myself sometimes.
90. I am looking forward to the days when I will be providing the world with
something more powerful than customer service.
91. I cleaned out my underwear drawer today. It was very freeing.
92. Reading Kurt Vonnegut makes me very happy.
93. I want to have a baby someday.
94. I have been favorably compared to both Shirley Maclaine and Carrie Fisher, both
strong women I appreciate and respect.
95. I have been told that I am weak and spineless. Y'all be the judge.
96. Pepperoni pizza was the first meat I ate after five years of pointless
97. I like to X out the days on a calendar, as if I were a convict. I find it
extremely satisfying.
98. My old roommate and I once drove to San Jose from San Francisco on a beautiful
day, took the first exit, and started driving back.
99. I would not enjoy a foot massage.
100.Sunday is my favorite day.

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