I'd like to write about my morning routine, which I am currently interrupting. I keep the radio on low all night, changing the dial from NPR to the classic rock station at 7 so I can listen to an embarassing yet comforting morning show. I get up and turn it off when the 25-song rock block starts, and with added vigor if the first song happens to be "Hotel California."
Then I choose a CD to listen to in the shower. I brush my teeth in the shower, which I thought everyone did until recently. I mean, why not? I bathe. This takes approximately five minutes. I put my contact lenses in. I put on some morning clothes, which are worn only during the morning routine.
I put the kettle on, then turn on the computer. I check my e-mail. When the water is boiling, I pour my tea, and while it is steeping, I do my hair and makeup.

Then I watch Regis and Kelly with my hot cup of tea.

Disclaimer: This routine only applies to my days off. When I am working, morning acts are done with bleary speed and the tea is to go, if at all.

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