Today I had an interaction with another minor celebrity! If I wasn't such a Hollywood fanatic with an amazing memory, this celeb sighting might have passed me by, but luckily, I was able to peg this paunchy, sassy old man as the inimitable David Ogden Stiers! He demanded his "car food" in a separate bag; grapes, two packs of turkey slices, and a soda. Check out this link to get a good look at the most famous Hollywood star I've seen since Sally Struthers bought out my entire stock of toffee at Papa Haydn. http://www.davidogdenstiers.com Ah, has-beens. Gotta love em!

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I once saw Kimmy Robertson while vacationing in Kauai. She played Lucy Moran on Twin Peaks as the dispatcher(?). I was at the farmers market when I recognized her, but I wasn't completely sure. So I stared for awhile and I think I kind of freaked her out. I heard one of her friends call her Kimmy, and later found out she resided on Kauai for awhile, so it had to be her. Of course, no one else I was with knew who she was with. Later that week, we saw Lisa Bonet at another farmers market. That's all the famous people I've met. Oh Mario Van Peebles when I worked in Hollywood Hills.