It's nice to have a pot of coffee around in the morning, even if it is decaf. It's been raining here, which makes things very cozy; I want to drink hot beverages all the time. I've realized that I have to slow down on the Diet Dr. Pepper situation, or things are gonna get real weird. What happens if you drink too much diet soda? Aside from the general negative effects on my health. I mean, I won't get fat, but I have noticed that after drinking three Diet Dr. Peppers I feel a little funny. What about the people who drink those gigantic 400-oz sodas out of the plastic cups with handles from AM/PM? Diet or regular, they must feel weird. I can't even lift a cup that big. I'm dainty, see?

I'm watching "After the Thin Man." Even the maid has false eyelashes on in this movie. I can really appreciate that level of glamour. I think this movie is going to be like a really good episode of Perry Mason, with art deco backgrounds.

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